While I was gathering signatures to qualify for the ballot I had a person ask “What does a member of City Council do?” Most broadly a city’s council looks out for the general interest of the people who live in the city. Examples include passing local ordinances, defining long term goals, use zoning to shape growth, and even the authority to investigate city employees. And since we’re talking about Longmont, here is a brief statement that is found on Longmont City Government:

“The Mayor and Council members are the leaders and policy makers in the community elected to represent various segments of the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to residents’ needs and wishes.”

Our city is partitioned into three wards. Each ward elects a person to serve on council. There are also three at-large seats that are voted on by the entire city. Council seats are four-year terms. I am running for the remaining term of a seat that was vacated by Mayor Peck when she was elected last fall. If I’m fortunate to be elected this fall, I would have to run and win again in the fall of 2023 to retain the seat. Our mayor is also part of the council, so there are 7 members of the City Council (when one or more seats are not vacant). The Mayor’s term is two years.


Gary Hodges

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