This weekend will be my next opportunity to walk a neighborhood knocking on doors. Do any of you have suggestions on where I might go?

Yesterday while shopping along south Hover I had the opportunity to speak with an employee of a liquor store and a grocery store. Is it possible to have my eyes opened any wider? Both businesses are struggling with rampant theft that this employee attributes almost entirely to the area’s vagrants. Daytime loitering areas are often just outside the doors, and the grocery store is being used as their personal pantry.

I also drove by the bus stop along north Hover that is adjacent to Chipotle, Five Guys and the Sinclair gas station. Doing so was suggested by a person I spoke with on Saturday. Is this seriously acceptable in our city? Are no ordinances being broken? I have yet to move to the east side of Main St for my visits with local businesses, but I will be doing so! If you own or operate a business, or know of one, that is being negatively impacted due to Longmont’s permissive approach with vagrants, I want to talk with you.

Are there other congregation hot spots I should be aware of? Please let me know. I will visit them and report what I see. I can be reached privately at

Thank you,

Gary Hodges

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