Signs are going up all over! It’s an incredible and amazing feeling to be supported like this. It’s a big commitment to host a sign on your property. Thank you!

Major landscaping changes are happening at the bus stop by 17th and Main. I’ve heard a nearby establishment is footing the bill to stop the loss of customers. I wonder if the city is helping to pay for this? I hope so.

A couple weeks ago I introduced myself to some of the people living there, and spent some time chatting with a gentleman I’ll call Henry. I was wondering where Henry might have moved to, and a bit later I saw him on the north side of King Soopers and stopped to chat.

Henry is a 62 year old alcoholic with a gentle personality and a soft voice. I’ve explained to him that I’m running for Council, that vagrancy is a main issue for me, and if I’m fortunate to be elected I’ll pursue policy changes that will make street living more difficult. Henry agrees permissive attitudes have made the situation worse for all who are impacted, that a firmer approach is reasonable, and would likely encourage him and others to seek emergency shelter and addiction treatment.

Gary Hodges

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