I spent about 8 hours today knocking on doors and visiting several businesses along Main St. One, in particular, is experiencing a serious increase in shoplifting that the manager I spoke with is attributing to the rise in vagrancy within our city. After Main St I moved to the area bounded by Main and Gay streets, and 66 and 21st.
It was a great experience meeting so many of you!

Because of this neighborhood’s proximity to north Main, I was particularly interested in how it was being impacted. Thankfully, many are reporting that while direct negative impacts have so far been minimal, it is an issue they are wary of. Sadly, others are reporting thefts and other disturbances. The worst I heard was from a woman who must walk to King Soopers for groceries, and has had several frightening encounters.

This is a complicated issue and will very likely be impossible to address in a way that completely satisfies all parties, but whatever solution is ultimately achieved it must have two classes of winners. 1) Those who are maintaining households, and 2) our businesses and property owners.

This is a tough deal and we cannot lose sight of the core truth the transient community are fellow human beings with intrinsic dignity, but we also cannot allow our neighbors to continue living in fear for their safety, and the inability to enjoy their property and neighborhoods without concern.


Gary Hodges

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