Gary Hodges for Longmont City Council, Ward 3

Hodges Hot Takes!

Longmont Public Media 3-Minute Statement

Longmont Public Media 20-Minute Interview

2023 LAD Longmont City Council Candidate Forum

2023 LWV, LPM Longmont City Council Candidate Debate

Listen to Gary's Yellow Scene Interview!

Gary goes deep while addressing many of the important issues facing Longmont during this revealing interview.

1. Introduction

2. Homelessness

3. Transportation

4. Development

5. Rising Cost of Living

6. Childcare

7. Mental Health

8. Crime & Guns

9. Mental Health Resources

10. Closing Remarks

Listen to Gary at the Neighborhood Group Leaders Alliance (NGLA) Forum

1. Introduction

2. Neighborhoods

3. Top Three Priorities

4. HOA Self-Governance

5. Equity and Fairness

6. Responsiveness to Constituents

7. Closing Remarks

Gary Hodges 2022 Campaign Video Archive