East County Housing Opportunity Coalition Survey

The following is a questionnaire from the East County Housing Opportunity Coalition that I was requested to fill out.  During this campaign I’ve filled out many surveys, participated in some live interviews, and four candidate forums.  At the outset those requesting participation most always promise the videos, surveys, forums, and questionnaires will be publicly available in short order.  Sadly, that has not happened in several instances.  So this time around I’m electing to post the filled-out questionnaire here, and I will point the organization that requested it to my website so they can obtain my responses. Respectfully, Gary Hodges  ...Read More

Let’s preserve our conservation easements!

On the front page I posted an issue statement in opposition of Boulder County and Longmont collaborating to terminate inherently perpetual conservation easements for development purposes.  It's a bit complicated and I'm still learning, but in general I can describe the steps the county and city take to convert what we all believed were perpetually conserved lands into acreage available for development. The legalese that defines perpetual conservation easements is many sections long, generally describing how the contract cannot be broken. Boulder County is, however, staffed with clever attorneys who insert a clause stating if the property is ever sold...Read More

Landscaping at 17th and Main

Signs are going up all over! It's an incredible and amazing feeling to be supported like this. It's a big commitment to host a sign on your property. Thank you! Major landscaping changes are happening at the bus stop by 17th and Main. I've heard a nearby establishment is footing the bill to stop the loss of customers. I wonder if the city is helping to pay for this? I hope so. A couple weeks ago I introduced myself to some of the people living there, and spent some time chatting with a gentleman I'll call Henry. I was wondering...Read More

Saturday Meet & Greet

The Meet & Greet this morning had a wonderful turn out.  It is humbling so many are interested in hearing my views on local issues. I was invited to an event for Tara Menza (Colorado House District 11) and Marshall Dawson (Congressional District 2) taking place later in the afternoon.  What an unexpected honor it was to be asked to give a short overview of myself, and some of the issues that are important to me. Thanks to all of you for the support!  It is truly meaningful. Sincerely, Gary Hodges

City Council Vision Statement

On the City Council web page the following vision for the people of Longmont is stated: “In 20 years, Longmont will be the world’s greatest village, where children are most fortunate to be born and raised, elders are supported through their entire life journey, where people will have access to food, shelter and everyone has the opportunity to thrive and feel they belong.“ If I were on Council when this was drafted I never would have attached my name to it. Not because it is overtly silly and over-the-top idealistic, but because it makes a fundamentally flawed assumption. That is,...Read More

Photo Enforcement

I'd like to discuss an issue that recently came before Council that received unanimous approval, but I would have voted against. The approval authorized Longmont PD to conduct a trial test of sound camera enforcement equipment. In a nutshell this technology listens to cars driving by, and if one is too loud a photo is taken and the driver ticketed by mail. During the approved four week test no tickets will be issued. I've never been a fan of photo enforcement technology, whether it comes as red light cameras, speed cameras, or the new technology of sound enforcement. In my...Read More

Let’s Cover Some Playgrounds!

Another hot day in Longmont! The hot days have me thinking about an idea I've had for years. I'd like to see the Parks and Rec department build roofs/covers over at least a few of our neighborhood parks. When it's 90+ degF and the sun is blazing, few are willing to take their children to a park. The equipment is hot to the touch, and it's just too uncomfortable. If some playgrounds had a roof it would provide local recreation options for families when the temperature climbs. There is also benefit for the winter as covered play areas would remain...Read More

What Does A City Councilmember Do?

While I was gathering signatures to qualify for the ballot I had a person ask "What does a member of City Council do?" Most broadly a city's council looks out for the general interest of the people who live in the city. Examples include passing local ordinances, defining long term goals, use zoning to shape growth, and even the authority to investigate city employees. And since we're talking about Longmont, here is a brief statement that is found on Longmont City Government: "The Mayor and Council members are the leaders and policy makers in the community elected to represent various...Read More

This weekend will be my next opportunity to walk a neighborhood…

This weekend will be my next opportunity to walk a neighborhood knocking on doors. Do any of you have suggestions on where I might go? Yesterday while shopping along south Hover I had the opportunity to speak with an employee of a liquor store and a grocery store. Is it possible to have my eyes opened any wider? Both businesses are struggling with rampant theft that this employee attributes almost entirely to the area's vagrants. Daytime loitering areas are often just outside the doors, and the grocery store is being used as their personal pantry. I also drove by the...Read More

I spent about 8 hours today knocking on doors…

I spent about 8 hours today knocking on doors and visiting several businesses along Main St. One, in particular, is experiencing a serious increase in shoplifting that the manager I spoke with is attributing to the rise in vagrancy within our city. After Main St I moved to the area bounded by Main and Gay streets, and 66 and 21st.   It was a great experience meeting so many of you! Because of this neighborhood's proximity to north Main, I was particularly interested in how it was being impacted. Thankfully, many are reporting that while direct negative impacts have so...Read More